Twinkling Backdrop




Our beautiful Twinkling Starlight Backdrop can help to create an amazing feature to your event, with the ability to transform any room.


Our backdrop is freestanding, so it does not have to be hung from a ceiling or be attached to a wall. It is white and comes complete with white swags. The LED lights throughout the backdrop can be set to either twinkle or static and the colour of the lights can be changed to co-ordinate with your colour scheme.


The height of the backdrop can be extended up to 3 metres (10 ft) high and is available in a width ranging from 3 metres (10 ft) to 9 metres (30ft).


This backdrop is most commonly used :-


    - To make a room feature, e.g. Behind a top table at a wedding.

    - On a stage as a main focal point.

    - To mask an unsightly wall or object.

    - To act as a partition in a room.


Price : 赼/b>


For further details about our Twinkling Starlight Backdrop please contact us.





























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